KDE Edu Sprint 2017

My first KDE sprint. I am glad that It finally happened!

A day before I left for Berlin, I did not even have my VISA. Well, everything from getting the VISA to booking the flight tickets and finally packing the bags happened a day before I left for Berlin

We all landed in Berlin on 6th, a day before the sprint started. I think we all took a lot of rest that day because most of us were tired with all the traveling. We all met on 7th Morning at the reception of the hotel we were staying in where I finally got to meet people I only knew through IRC nick names. From there we headed to have some breakfast and finally to Endocode where our sprint took place.

Before we started working on our tasks, we had discussions regarding how to make the KDE Edu website better, making applications easily accessible to Universities/schools etc. We prepared a list of tasks that could be done during the sprint and finally started working on them.

I mostly worked on Cantor,completing some part of what I could not complete during GSoC. After a few discussions and help from my mentor Filipe, I merged some of my to work  to qprocess_port branch   and started working on polishing the R backend of Cantor. Filipe plans to release a new version in December, for which he plans to merge my work for R backend to master and for that to happen I need to make the syntax highlighter and tab completion of R backend work. I completed some part of it during the sprint.

I also had discussion with Timothee regarding GCompris-Server , showed him my work and discussed what should be the next step for it

Well, that’s all I did. I had a great time throughout the sprint and It was a pleasure meeting fellow KDE developers and specially my mentors Filipe and  Timothee

Here’s a picture we took(without Aleix and David)  just outside of where Qt world summit happened. Aleix was finding a new place to stay(If i remember correctly) and David had some other work. 20171008_210244


Big Thank you to KDE e.V. board for sponsoring my trip and Endocode for providing us a office and access to unlimited drinks and a weird bottle opener 🙂


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