My first Akademy

I am glad I got a chance to attend this year’s Akademy.  I wanted to understand how open-source orgs like KDE work and Akademy did help me understand it to some extent.

There was a lot of excitement when I started my trip but the long flight and the heat wave had sucked all the energy out of me. Anyway,  a  good night’s sleep and the pleasant weather during the pre-registration event got my excitement back again.




Day1 of Akademy finally started. One of the talks that I really did not want to miss was the Keynote by Dan Bielefeld and I am glad I woke up on time that day.  It was a great talk which offered a lot of insights on the current situation of North Korea.

Apart from attending the talks I had the chance to interact with people working on KDE full time and people who contribute in their free time. Learnt about how they got started with KDE and the projects they work on.

One of the things I was really waiting for was the BOF sessions to start.  It’s a good time to discuss/hack on things that you work on or you want to work on.  The very first BOF session I attended was the Conan BOF .  Before the session I just knew that Conan is a cpp pacakage manager.  I was one of the or maybe the only newbie attending that session. While most people were busy discussing how to use it for KDE frameworks, I was busy reading Conan’s ‘HOW TO’ docs.  By the end of session, I managed to install it.  Well, I need to do more than just installing it If I have to use it at work.

The other BOF I attened and still remember about is the KDevelop BOF.  I  was there because I use KDevelop at work and also in the past I have tried contributing to it and wanted to know what new is happening and wanted to discuss a few issues I have with it.  Well, the session was also centered around discussing what features people use and which one’s they don’t or any other issues that users face.  Now, i finally know why code-completion sometimes fail to work correctly.

Another BOF I was part of, although only for like 15 minutes, was the KDE-India BOF. It started pretty early(9:30). Anyway, I was glad it did not end when I reached there. Discussions around when and where to organize the next and how to get more contributors happened.


To sum it up, my first Akademy was great. Thanks for choosing such a beautiful location and also thanks to the organizing team and KDE e.V board for sponsoring my trip. I would like to do it again for sure


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