GSoC- Port of Lua to QProcess

Hi, it has been a bit long since I last wrote a blog about the status of my GSoC project. This has been majorly because I got a job and it has kept me busy ever since. Anyway, I managed to complete my second month target , mostly by working on weekends. Here’s a quick update on what I did during the 2nd month

I worked on porting Lua backend to QProcess. Lua backend was dependent on Lua’s C api for all the communication. By default Lua had spport for:
* Syntax highlighting
* Tab completion

Lua backend now makes use of Lua’s command line interface, which we connect to using QProcess. Most of the mathematical functionalities of Lua are offered through the math library. Here are some screen shots showing the output to different commands

Usage of math library



String manipulation/Os functionalities/arrays  lua_string


Current Design of Lua

* we make use of Lua’s command line interface for all the mathematical calculations or any other functionality offered by Lua’s  CLI

* Tab completion is still dependent on Lua’s C API. This should eventually be ported to make use of the command line interface as well.

All of the functionalities offered by Lua have been ported safely and nothing has been broken. As of now Lua does not have support for Variable management. I would love to work on it in future.

That’s it for this blog.

Happy hacking



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